How to Create PDF 417 for MS Word 2019/2016

How to Generate 2D PDF-417 Barcode in MS Word Document 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010
  • Easy to install & use PDF-417 Barcode Addin for Word in MS Word 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007
  • Generate high-quality PDF-417 barcode according to ISO+IEC+15438-2006
  • Support creating PDF-417, Truncated PDF-417 and Macro PDF-417 barcodes in MS Word
  • Able to create Word serial letters with various PDF-417 barcodes
  • No need for barcode programming knowledge and barcode fonts
  • User-defined 2D PDF-417 barcode generating plugin for Microsoft Word
PDF-417 Barcode Overview
PDF-417 (also known as Portable Data File 417, PDF 417 and PDF417 Truncated) was created by Symbol Technologies Co. and currently maintained by AIM USA. It is a staked linear symbology generally used in applications like transport, identification cards and inventory management.
Download PDF-417 Barcode Addin for Word
This PDF-417 Barcode Addin for Word Trial is free of charge and users can download it at any time. All of the following items are included in the unzipped trial package.
  • KeepAutomationWord2007Addin.exe
  • KeepAutomationWord2010Addin.exe
  • End user license agreement, installation tutorial and order page
Users are allowed to use this PDF-417 Word Barcode Addin Trial permanently. However, this trial version can not be used for commercial applications as a "KA Barcode" watermark may exist on created PDF-417 barcode image.
How to Install PDF-417 Barcode Addin for Word
Refer to this guide to install PDF-417 Word Barcode Addin. Detailed steps are offered below.
  1. All Word documents should be closed before installation.
  2. Download "KA.Barcode for Word Trial" and unzip it.
  3. Run "KeepAutomationWord2007Addin.exe"/"KeepAutomationWord2010Addin.exe".
  4. Open a new Word document on your computer.
  5. Now you can see a tab called "Add-Ins" in the menu bar of the Word document.
How to Create A PDF-417 Barcode in Word
If you want to generate professional PDF-417 barcode image in Microsoft Word, please refer to the following steps.
  1. Go to "Add-Ins" and click "Insert Barcode" to activate a barcode setting panel.
  2. Choose "PDF417" in "SYMBOLOGY" pull-down menu.
  3. In the text box of "VALID DATA", type valid PDF-417 barcode data.
  4. If necessary, change the default values of barcode properties in the barcode setting panel.
  5. Click "Insert" and you can see a required PDF-417 barcode is generated on the document
  6. Users can also adjust the parameters of the created PDF-417 barcodes and click "Update".
How to Insert PDF-417 Barcodes in Serial Letters
We provided specific guide below for inserting PDF-417 barcodes in serial letters.
  1. Start with a new Word document and click "Add-Ins" -> "Insert Barcode".
  2. A barcode setting panel shows up on the right.
  3. Switch to "Mailings" tab and click "Select Recipients".
  4. Click "Use Existing List" or "Type New List" or "Select from Outlook Contacts".
  5. Insert a PDF-417 barcode in the Word document.
  6. Now click "Finish & Merge" button to edit, print or email the documents.
How to Generate PDF-417 Barcode Labels in Word
Generating PDF-417 barcode labels in Microsoft Word documentation is simple based on the following steps.
  1. Activate the barcode setting panel in a new Word document first.
  2. Click "Mailings" -> "Start Mail Merge" -> "Labels".
  3. Choose the label size in the pull-down menu and click "Select Recipients".
  4. Click "Type New List" or "Use Existing List" or "Select from Outlook Contacts".
  5. Inert a PDF-417 barcode in the first cell of the document.
  6. Click "Update Labels" and the rest part of the document will be full of the same barcodes.
  7. Now click "Finish & Merge" button to choose other services.
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